INKY Phish Fence for Office 365

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We currently offer fully automated installation for 250 or fewer mailboxes on Office 365. INKY Phish Fence works for much larger installations on O365, as well as Hybrid and On-Prem Exchange, and G Suite, too; we have many customers in all of these configurations. This online automated process, however, only supports Office 365 tenants of 250 or fewer mailboxes. If you have another configuration, please contact us via our website,, or 240-297-0122 to arrange an installation.

Step 1: Select maximum number of mailboxes

Select the number of mailboxes you wish to protect with INKY. To make things manageable, we offer INKY protection in blocks of mailboxes; choose a large enough size to cover your user base. For example, if you have 45 users, you should select and pay for a 50 mailbox block.

The form will calculate your total monthly charge, but note that you will not be charged anything during the trial. Your credit card is only charged when your free trial ends and you become a paid customer.

0 – 100 mailboxes
@ $3.50 per mailbox per month
101 – 250 mailboxes
@ $2.50 per mailbox per month
250+ mailboxes
Monthly total: Select a tier above
Larger teams should contact sales to request a demo.
Step 1: Select maximum number of mailboxes ( | Change)
Step 2: Authenticate as business contact

During this step you will authenticate to Microsoft using the email address you wish to use as the business contact for your free trial and any subsequent subscription. This is the account that should receive any future invoices, is linked to the credit card you will provide, and will be able to cancel the free trial or paid subscription. It can be an email address with Global Admin access to your Office 365 tenant, but does not have to be; if it is not, we will provide instructions for a separate Global Admin user later.

Is it safe to give you my credentials?

Step 2: Authenticate as business contact ( | Change)
Step 3: Provide payment details and generate trial license

In this step you will provide payment information. Clicking the button will redirect you to a secure Stripe-hosted credit card form; INKY will never see the credit card details you enter into the Stripe form. Once Stripe has confirmed your information, you will return to this site to receive your trial license key and can then proceed to install INKY on your O365 tenant.

Why do you need my credit card information?

How is my credit card information kept secure?

Step 3: Enter payment information
Step 4: Receive license key and installation link